10 Reasons to gift with flowers
Postado em: 02/03/2017

In times of social media, accumulations of tasks, excess traffic, etc., more and more we distance ourselves from people. It seems incongruous, but even with facebook, instagran, whatsapp, relationships occur, but in a more superficial, faster way. We waste a lot of time with superficialities and we do not have time for what really matters - the eye in the eye, the touch, the expression of affection. Afternoon tea is almost gone, family lunches are also rarer and rarer, animated chats with friends occur sporadically. Some customs are changing over time, that"s for sure. But when healthy, we can adapt them and not extirpate them, right? Why not send flowers yet? Why not make surprises even if they are not tied to special dates? Why not surprise who we love? They are gestures that will never "go out of style". Then "set out" for the adaptation - flowers online!

In several urban centers we now have flower shops online. They are trades of flowers and gifts that are gaining more and more space in the great centers and it is easy to understand the reasons of everything:

1 - Do you know when, due to the rush we have already mentioned, we forget an important date, such as a relative"s or friend"s birthday, wedding anniversary, graduation, etc.? Just choose a beautiful bouquet and make yourself present in a matter of hours!

2 - and when you remember the date exactly but you are undecided about the present? A clothing may not suit or not fall into the taste of the gift, a perfume can be very personal, a very expensive art object, a very impersonal object for home ... It is very useful to find flowers in one place Of various species, chocolates, plush, cards, drinks, cosmetics, etc. Combinations thousand.

3 - Hmmm ... do you have a lot of appointments and will not be able to attend an important event? Just choose a beautiful orchid, write a beautiful message and through your computer or cell phone the problem is solved in minutes.

4 - Do you want to surprise, congratulate or thank someone but do not know a flower shop near home or work to get there? No need. It is very convenient to buy online - you just need to choose a company that is reliable and value for the quality of services and products, being your partner in that moment of enchantment.

5 - Do not know how to pay? This will also not be a problem because a well-prepared online flower shop will work with various forms of payment (credit cards, transfer or bank deposit)

6 - Do not understand flowers and their indications for the various people and occasions? Just check the suggestions of the florists on their own websites (separations by categories: romantic, improvements, birthday, weddings, maternity, etc.) or contact the Call Center to quickly answer your questions.

7 - Want to get out of the ordinary and surprise yourself with fresher flowers and more innovative ideas? An online florist, by the number of sales, maintains super fresh stocks and many options of species and colors of flowers.

8 - Are you shy? Sometimes, many give up gifts by realizing that it can be difficult to overcome shyness and deliver a gift at the person"s place of work, at a restaurant, school / college, major event, or even at home. It is not necessary - it is simple to rely on the discretion of an online florist deliverer.

9 - Is there a love that does not know how to be reciprocated? Do you want to remain anonymous? You do not have a safer purchase than in an online flower shop, where it is not necessary to exhibit and the delivery of this chosen will be carried out on the day and time combined, with the confirmation of the delivery almost in real time.

10 - Flowers are flowers! A unique gift, full of emotion! You do not have to sweat in traffic, you do not have to drive blocks looking for a flower shop that caters to you, or a parking space. Your purchase can be fast, safe and convenient and your gift can be foolproof!